Kestrel Clarity

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Kestrel Clarity is a video enhancement software that provides forensic examiners and surveillance professionals with a robust and easy-to-use solution that can dramatically improve the clarity of footage. Video collected from surveillance cameras, dash-cams and body cams is often difficult to interpret due to environmental elements such as darkness, glare, fog or other environmental conditions. Kestrel’s advanced algorithms work at the pixel level, frame by frame, in real time to improve both recorded and live streams.

Real-Time Enhancement – The World’s First Video Forensic Triage Tool

For first responders who need to perform a quick analysis of recovered recorded video, Kestrel allows you to process video immediately, using both preset and advanced filters. Easy-to-record or take snapshot images of the footage or image of interest, Kestrel provides a quick enhancement on location or in the lab.

No Time To Waste

Command and control in the battlefield rely on accurate and actionable intelligence. This now includes an increasing volume of data from video captured in the field via aerial and ground surveillance systems, all of which must be analyzed efficiently and effectively. When these systems encounter dust, smoke or other airborne particles (mainstays of many battlefield environments), the ability to make informed decisions is severely impaired.

Kestral enables the real-time processing and enhancement of video as it is captured live in the field. Kestral removes the smoke and dust from explosions, reduces glare from the sun, stabilizes shaking, and removes waves caused by heat scintillation. It is empowering analysts and commanders to make informed, intelligent and accurate decisions.

Get the visual in real time

The Kestrel Multi-Camera live stream enhancing capabilities are provided as a server install, or integrated with VMS systems. The server installation offers a parallel view of the original stream, but enhanced with the Kestrel tech.

Additionally, the underlying technology and algorithms are offered as an integrated option in the Milestone and Guetbruck Video Management Systems currently, and provide on demand enhancement.


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Created by professionals in the field faced with the necessity for clearer footage, Kestral has been developed continuously to create clarity.

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